Growing Positive Thoughts in this Economy

There is a belief out there that that goes something like “Thought precedes energy precedes manifestation.” Or in other words, when you have a thought, a little bundle of energy is created and it is this packet of energy that becomes the basis for the ability to manifest the original thought. Every thought we have has the potential for creation… (Which can be a scary thought if one is focused on negativity.)

The movie “What the Bleep” spoke to the idea that when we have a thought, we produce a chemical in our brains that then circulates through our bodies. Happy thoughts generate healthy chemicals; negative thoughts encourage more acidic, less healthy chemicals in the body. And it is these chemicals that make up the building blocks for Thought Manifestation. In this current world situation, with fear and negativity around every proverbial corner, it is difficult to maintain a positive outlook and our beliefs in a perfect world seem denied. But believe is exactly what we have to do.

One of the main challenges we all are facing now is the “economic crisis”. This moniker is exactly what I am talking about. Crisis. Through newspapers, radio, and television, we are fed a diet of fear and negativity around the economy. We can become so brainwashed that we are in an economic crisis that our entire Being buys into the energy and we begin to create a reality around us that reflects that belief. When we believe in lack, we live in lack. Yet, wouldn’t it be better instead to affirm that the Universal bank is open for business with an eternal supply of energy for whatever we need? If we can create our reality, then why wouldn’t we create a life where we have all we need? Remember, money is nothing more than a form of energy. And energy is created though thought. So if we think/believe that we can have all the money we need, then we can create that money through the law of attraction.

Now, how can aromatherapy help with this? Well, the essential oils are just another form of energy too, and carry vibrations that can assist us in clearing negative thought patterns. If we need to free up negative energy around money issues then we can use essential oils that support the lower chakras where we hold our money fears. (Remember the lower chakras speak to foundational issues like a roof over your head and food on the table = all of which require money). Essential oils distilled from trees that have roots deep into the Earth can give us a sense of stability and strength in our foundational trust of the Universe. These oils are sandalwood, cedarwood, rosewood, frankincense, birch and cypress. They help us to feel secure, grounded and fearless.

Money fears can manifest as anything from low-grade anxiety to full blown panic attacks and everything in between. Oils that assist in assuaging background anxiety (that nagging sense that something could go wrong and you could loose everything) are bergamot, geranium, lavender, rose, chamomile and neroli. For more hypertension, where money issues consume the mind and worries cause bodily stress, oils that can ease tension are sandalwood, clary sage, frankincense, melissa and vetiver. And for full on panic attacks we can use valerian, helichrysum, lavender, chamomile, marjoram, ylang ylang and patchouli. The above oils are good used in an aroma lamp, diffused into the room for general anxiety, but for more immediate needs, a few drops of a mixture can be sprinkled on a hankie and inhaled deeply. Keeping a little emergency bottle of a combination of these oils and sniffing them regularly can assist in keeping the edge off the fears, especially if panic attacks are lurking. Of course bathing in a mixture of mineral salts and essential oils can release tension in the mind and body at a deep cellular level. Saying affirmations, especially when smelling aromatherapy oils, can shift negative energy and reset a positive chemical release into the body. Even though a barrage of economic doom and gloom is bombarding us, we don’t have to buy into it. We have the spiritual ability to rise above the mundane fears blasting us from the TVs and newspapers and choose instead to surround ourselves with positive affirmations that life is good. Turn off the TV when they rant on about the economic crisis. Read uplifting books on finding the joy in everything and have some soft essential oils burning in the background to keep you peaceful, content and believing in bliss. We have the power to manifest abundance just by changing our thoughts and realigning to a positive energy. It isn’t hard; it just takes the desire to create your own reality.