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Chakra Meditations

It is believed that in order to live a balanced and healthy life, we need to have all our chakras aligned and functioning harmoniously. Many times people, events or inner challenges have caused our chakras to become imbalanced and non-supportive.

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Guided Visualization

Thanks to the movie Avatar, we have become more consciously aware of our connection to all that is. It has been shown through quantum physics that when we are having a strong emotion, all our surrounding environment will reflect that emotion back to us.

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Essential Oil Meditations

The mental body is such a fertile and creative playground of images and visions that allow us access to the deeper realms of our consciousness. Using guided visualization, your imagination is led by an instructor to the most sacred parts of your psyche …

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Yoga Meditations

Restorative yoga is a deeply rejuvenating experience that allows the body to release both mental and physical tension by being supported in passive yoga poses. Using props such as blocks, blankets straps etc, the body assumes a gently supported pose and in this propped state …

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