Guided Visualization


Connection to the Earth

Thanks to the movie Avatar, we have become more consciously aware of our connection to all that is. It has been shown through quantum physics that when we are having a strong emotion, all our surrounding environment will reflect that emotion back to us. The example we work with in this meditation, is the idea that if we center and balance ourselves, then drop into a place of peace, bliss and love, that we can reach galactically through our energy. By focusing on a tree and connecting into its energy field and finding a mutual resonance, then the tree can take our vibration and spread it through its root systems to all other beings in this world, and also out of this world.

Sound intriguing? Then you are invited to sit back, relax and be guided into a world of connection and Light.

Meeting an Unpleasant Person or Situation

In this guided visualization we look at the inner child aspect. This meditation invites you to see in your mind’s eye a situation or a person that has been causing you challenge and then, by connecting with your inner child aspect, releasing any holding patterns around it.

Many times when faced with an unpleasant person or menacing situation, you might feel like a small child again. So by going back and contacting that small child feeling, then supporting the inner child through the challenge, you can move out of that space of tension into relaxation.

So sit back, relax and journey with me.

Visiting the Healing Temple

In this guided visualization, you are invited to visit a healing temple. This temple has chambers or rooms in it, each room filled with a different healing color. By using color therapy, you can bathe yourself and rejuvenate at a cellular level, both psycho-spiritually as well as physically.

This meditation is particularly good for when you are deplete or partied out. Now that we are in holiday season, sometimes it is nice to go into the healing temple just to reorganize any mental and emotional exhaustion… Or because of the flu, it is also great to recharge your internal batteries and build your immune system. You can use this meditation any way you need to.
So walk along the path and experience a deep healing with this meditation.

Please remember these guided visualizations are done during my meditation class and some background noises will be heard (since this is not a professional recording). And I’m sorry that I had to sneeze in the middle of the meditation!

Releasing a Backback Full of Emotions

Often we carry our emotions like a heavy load, weighing us own with each step we take on our path. This guided visualization invites you to find a safe and sacred place and shrug off your backpack full of pains, negativity and woes. By looking into the backpack you can pull out an object which represents an emotion that you are carrying. By examining this symbolic object, you can then decide whether you are ready to release it – or even give it back to the individual who first put it on you. The idea is to see if you can choose to let go of burdens, or if you still choose to carry them. Either way, this visualization will give you insight into your relationship to your negative emotions.

Meeting a Person Who has Passed Over

Many times when we have lost loved ones suddenly or unexpectedly, we feel we never had a chance to say good bye. And sometimes loved ones pass over leaving us behind with unresolved conflicts or things left unsaid.

We know we cannot change the past, but by calling to the Higher Self of the loved one and imagining meeting them on the Higher Planes, we can make begin to heal the conflicts or come to closure with unresolved differences.

In this guided visualization, you will be led to those Higher Planes and offered the chance to meet with a loved one who has passed, and discuss with them whatever issues you want to bring to closure.

So make yourself comfortable, relax and allow yourself to drift to another dimension.

“I Am” Release

In this class we looked at finding a sense of true self by using the mantra “I AM” and filling in the blank. For instance “I AM a student” or I AM a nurse” or I AM happy”.

But a lot of times, when we are meditating on our inner identifications, we often hear I AM voices that don’t originate in Self. Sometimes we hear the voice of a parent, teacher, peer or sibling that projects an “I AM” image onto us, even though that projection doesn’t resonate with our true sense of Self. For instance hearing a teacher say “You are so Stupid”, the self identification becomes “I AM stupid”. Deep inside your psyche you know you are not stupid, but the force of the delivery of that energy from the outside source cuts so deep into the cellular level, that you take that opinion on as your Truth.

This meditation invites you to call that adversary to you and give back the negative words of misrepresentation to your self-image.

So sit back and relax and allow the guided visualization to create a new way of being in your Self and your Truth.

Safe Harbor Meditation

This is a guided visualization that was recorded in my UVA Meditation class in the fall of 2008. In this meditation you are invited to find a safe sanctuary where you can begin further meditations. You are guided to imagine a setting or scenic environment that you feel totally comfortable, peaceful, safe and cosseted in. This safe harbor will be a place you can return to any time you feel you need to find refuge from a busy and hectic world, or as a way of dropping to a deeper level of consciousness in preparation to journey using other guided visualizations.

So settle back and listen to the journey that will lead you to a new place of existence.

Crossroads Meditation

Many times in our lives we come to a crossroads – a place where we just can’t decide which path to take to what may be our destiny. Especially now, because the economy is so challenging, people are losing their jobs, needing to change locations or make life-changing choices. In these times we often have to make hard decisions about our future. It is wise in such situations, to pause and drop inside our deeper psyches to listen to our internal guidance before deciding on a path.

This guided visualization will take you to your crossroad and invite you to choose the appropriate path to align with your inner guidance and the voice of your Higher (Soul) Self.

Sit back and relax and TRUST.

Inviting in a Soul for a Baby

Sometimes it is difficult to get pregnant. For whatever reason, the little Being that is contracted to come into your belly is playing hard to get.

Here is an audio meditation that you can download, that allows you to visualize setting up a little home for a baby. By creating the energy in your womb of what you feel to be the ideal home for the little guest, you can prepare a place of hope and invitation.

This guided visualization will take you to your crossroad and invite you to choose the appropriate path to align with your inner guidance and the voice of your Higher (Soul) Self.

Sit back and relax and TRUST.