The Fabric of Our Lives

As part of the Collective Cosmic Consciousness, I thought we might explore how we connect to the mass consciousness. From my studies, it appears that in our auric field, (the energetic field that surrounds our physical body), we have a higher dimensional energetic encasing much like a shroud or cloth shield. This energetic fabric is knitted together with threads of miasmic patterns or connections to our individual eternal history. Each miasmic thread leads us to a part of our Being, for example there is an ancestral thread where everything that ever happened in our hereditary past through our ancestors is intricately woven into our energetic and genetic fabric. All the thought patterns that our ancestors created, all the negative energies they manifested as well as all the good they did is part of the fabric that makes up our Being. Even the diseases our fore-families suffered have a linking into our energetic DNA. There are threads that are patterns from past lives, from Soul contracts, from star lives, etc all interlaced in a cheese cloth-like subtle body surrounding us and influencing us daily.

If you could psychically look at this subtle body cloth, you might see certain threads that are stronger and larger than other threads. Some might be course and thick while others might be thin and ready to break. From my understanding, the thicker the thread, the more the energetic hold the pattern has on you. It might be not only ancestral, but Soulic as well as past life energy all bundled into one thread. These multi-layered threads, being so much more entrenched in our Being, are harder to work through and clear. But clear them we must, because one of our challenges on this Earth is to thin out and release old karmic or miasmic patterns that hold our Soul back from journeying towards clarity and Light. The denser our woven field, the harder it is to live our true LightBeing life.

And if you would be able to see this energetic cloth, you might also see a wide variety of colors of each thread. These threads resonate to a frequency or vibration of energy that matches the frequency of a particular color. So a miasmic pattern of abandonment (to use last month’s example) would resonate to a different color than a thread of anger or jealousy or even joy and love (as we have threads of positive emotions as well). Each strand of energy has frequency, has color, has texture and has an emotion that ties us to a pattern that holds us in a karmic bind.

And as I previously explored in my article on Collective Cosmic Consciousness, one or many of these threads link/connect some of us to a mass cosmic consciousness, a collective of energy that we carry as part of a contract with the Earth and our Soul. Remember in the cosmic article that I suggested that some Lightworkers are holding and running universal energy of cosmic proportion until the connection to the earth can be made and the energy relinquished? And that the Earth, in her growth and reawakening to new potential, can now connect to the cosmic consciousness directly herself?  It is now time to release our threads of mass consciousness into the Earth and clear that pattern from our own energetic cloth field.

I know there are many reading this who see the Earth in a different light, who believe that she either already is connected or maybe doesn’t need to connect or whatever. And that’s fine. I am not exploring the Earth’s involvement with mass cosmic consciousness, as much as I am offering us a chance to explore our own threads of Collective Cosmic Consciousness and how we can move forward in our evolution towards LightBeing by letting go of some of the threads that bind us to a heavy burden of energy we carry being attached to a mass consciousness.

One of my clients described the collective cosmic energy as a murky soup surrounding the Earth. And that when we feel an emotion, we magnetize that particular frequency from the soup to us. When we are carrying the miasmic thread of an emotion from the Collective Cosmic Consciousness, it is as if we have stuck a straw into the soup and we are continually sucking that energy into our auric field. So we need to find a way to either get that straw out of the soup or else detach ourselves from the straw and stick it into the Earth so that she may absorb and transmute the energy. We no longer need to be plugged in to mass energy if we have identified that particular cosmic emotion and cleared it within us. Because remember, if we are channeling Collective Consciousness Energy, we only need to actually work on our individual percentage of the frequency and can freely relinquish the rest.

The Earth has many vortex points that are open and ready to receive our thread attachments to mass consciousness energy. Many large stones or boulders are good grounding points. There are sturdy large trees that are capable of earthing mass consciousness energy. Waterways and seas are great mediums to wash clean the thread attachments and release the miasmic patterns. So it is through understanding the idea that we no longer are required to hold and channel energy for the mass cosmic consciousness, that we are able to disentangle the cosmic thread and release it to the Earth.

Release scenario—Let’s say you have tuned in and discovered that you are carrying the thread of Collective Abandonment Consciousness. You have done your spiritual work and released all personal patterns of abandonment that you had created in this lifetime, but there still is this overwhelming presence of abandonment in your life. You sense that you have contracted to carry the mass abandonment energy by plugging into the soup and channeling the energy through your body, but you are also aware that you now are ready to move forward to release the energy. One way is by going out into nature, finding a sacred place that feels positive and inviting to you and then connecting into that sacred place. Feel your auric energy meld with the energy of the Earth. Then find a focal point in which to direct energy, (again, it might be a large boulder or a tree or a stream) and ask your Higher Self (or your Soul Self or whatever words you use to represent that All Knowing Wise LightBeing self) what you need to do to unplug that thread of mass Collective Cosmic Consciousness from you and replug it into the Earth at this sacred site. If you are already familiar with doing rituals or working with the earth consciousness, then you can use any methods that are comfortable for you. I find that when we are ready to let go, a lot of ritual isn’t really necessary because on the higher levels of existence, it is already done anyway. All we are doing is realigning to that frequency and sometimes it is easier to do ritual to feel aligned, other times all you need to do is set the intent and trust, and it is done. So, once you have found a sacred place to release the thread of Collective Consciousness energy into, then either do ritual or set an intention or whatever feels appropriate at the time, and feel the thread detach from your auric body and attach into the Earth. It really can be that simple.

I’m sure there are a lot of people reading this who don’t understand what I am writing about and that’s probably because you don’t carry attachments to a mass consciousness energy. Therefore this article isn’t meant for you. But if you feel that there is an all-encompassing energy in your life that is disproportionate to your life experience, then play with the ideas I put forward here and see if you can move towards disentangling and releasing the threads that keep you from personal Soul freedom. It is now time to let go.