Collective Cosmic Consciousness

In my therapy practice working with various clients and their emotional/spiritual questions, I have begun to notice that there are certain Lightworkers who have come into this world with spiritual contracts that far outweigh their own personal journeys. This seems to be a cosmic trend that is surfacing or at least coming into my awareness, where many energy workers are opening up to the recognition that their emotional work feels disproportionate to their life experiences.

From my observations, it appears that some Lightworkers have contracted to run collective cosmic consciousness energy. By this I mean that some energy workers have come onto this earth with particularly burdensome issues, that when emotionally and spiritually explored, seem not to totally belong in their own personal energy field. It is as if some have chosen to hold the frequency of a specific emotion or energy here on earth for a collective energy created by others’ thoughts and feelings. Let’s take for instance abandonment. For all her life, let’s say a Lightworker might have been dealing with issues of abandonment seemingly inconsistent to her individual experience. She would create situations in her life offering her opportunities to explore her abandonment issues, but no matter how much in depth delving she did into her own psyche, the abandonment never relinquished its grip on her being. Such was the case with one of my clients. Try as we did to discover ways for the body to release the energetic holding pattern of abandonment, my client always felt a vast overwhelming sensation that it was still heavy in her body.  In one session I asked, “In percentage, how much of this abandonment energy actually feels like it is yours?” and she said “20 percent.” “So that would mean that you are carrying 80 percent of abandonment for someone else?” and she said “yes”.

Here’s where it gets interesting… By asking the body’s innate wisdom to answer for the higher self, it seemed that this person had contracted to carry a collective cosmic consciousness energy of abandonment, to a designated point in time, which was when the earth was ready to ground this energy in and begin to transmute it. It appears that in this run up to 2012 and all that the energies hold in store for us, one of the things that certain Lightworkers are now being asked to do, is relinquish their contracted collective consciousness energy and ground it in to the earth through some natural earth formation.

We know the concept that thought creates energy which then creates manifestation. In using that theory, every time a person has an emotion, again we can use the example of abandonment, the energy of abandonment is created not only in the person’s body/energy field, but it is also fed into a collective energy field. And this cosmic abandonment energy gets fed every time anyone anywhere experiences abandonment; until there is a massive cosmic energy ball of abandonment that floats in some other dimensional realm yet palpably connected to us. There are collective energy masses of anger, fear, guilt, etc, all being fed by people’s thoughts and likewise feeding our energies back when we have that same emotion. The good news is that it also works with joy, love, harmony, contentment, etc.

So returning to my client’s example, it appears that although we are all connected energetically to collective consciousness energies that we feed and that feed us, there are some Lightworkers who specifically have contracted with the Universe (or its in their Akashic records or whatever) that have actually chosen to walk on this earth carrying the miasmic pattern of the collective energy. When my client felt abandonment, it felt like she was filtering through a universal abandonment that far surpassed her own feelings.  Her feelings of abandonment seemed limitless, bottomless, eternal and so vast that she manifested disease forms that represented her abandonment. She would avoid any situations that would potentially accelerate the feeling, i.e. she would refuse to watch films or programs that dealt with other’s abandonment. From the time she was a child, she felt that the world was an unsafe place because she would be abandoned. And even though in reality she came from a stable home where her parents stayed married and offered her love and comfort, she still felt overwhelming abandonment.  Of course one might argue the notion that this emotion could stem from some past life bleed-through and that she had died having been abandoned in a past life. Which is possible. But more to the point, in this life, she was strongly connected to the abandonment collective consciousness and was holding that frequency for the perfect time to release it back to the earth.

From my research into the understanding of this time period, we are on the threshold of a new energetic world. Many people believe that the earth is presently as far as she can be from the galactic center, in that, our solar system moves in an elliptical arc around what is considered the center of our galaxy and at this point (which aligns to the Mayan Calendar), the earth is the farthest away. As the earth begins to move back towards center, after 2012, we will apparently shift energies, much like the moon does in her waxing and waning of energies. And it is because the earth is shifting energies, those Lightworkers, who have been holding the thread or linking to the collective consciousness, can now begin to unload their contractual energies back into the earth. It is as if they have been holding these energies, or running these energies (like a conduit or wire or transmitter) for the earth and now it is time to let the earth ground them in.

The “Fabric of Our Lives”:,  will look more into the various techniques that can be used to assist in grounding down the collective consciousness into the earth’s energies. I know I’ve left you thinking “whaat?” because for me this is an intricate concept as well and I’m finding it challenging to put words to these concepts. I would love feedback, if any readers can relate to what I’m proposing or have experienced disproportionate emotions that could belong to a collective consciousness. It is my understanding that the earth now wants to connect to and come into union with our collective thoughts and emotions. It is part of the earth’s own progression to now take on a more conscious uniting with the human spirit through emotions. And I think nature is going to be the key to connection.