Working with the Nature Devas

Many believe we are in an environmental crisis, that our world is being severely strained with pollution, electro-magnetic frequency interference and global warming. There is a sense of impending doom that if we don’t do something soon, the world as we know it will crumble and disappear. I agree this scenario seems to be an extreme, but there is no denying that our environment is changing. Luckily there are many groups and associations trying to reverse the damage to the earth, through measures of sustainability. They are putting back into the land what they take out and are looking for ways to maintain a ‘green’ environment.

One way we can help is by calling in the nature realms. There are many different ways we can co-create with nature to ensure balance and harmony in the energy around us, one of them being the enlistment of nature’s energy beings. We all have heard tales of faeries, gnomes, sprites and elves and whether you believe they exist or not, we can possibly agree that they represent an archetypal energy that is prevalent all around us. So for this article I am going to write as if faeries and gnomes do exist and are very real.

A long time ago man cohabitated with the devic realms. They coexisted side by side and each helped the other out. But as time went on and man became more energetically dense, a veil between the two worlds began to separate them until the devic realms became the stuff of myth and faerie tales. Recently though, the veil has begun to thin a bit and more and more Light workers are beginning to reconnect to the nature’s worlds of energy. People are aligning to the geopathic grids on this earth and reawakening the vortices that act like portals to the nature realms. Charlottesville is filled with many of these dimensional portals and energetic patterns that assist us in connecting to the devic realms. Richard Leviton (who has written many articles for Echo) talks about them in his various books.

So what can we do in our own back yards to strengthen the connection to the faeries, gnomes, elves and undines? These nature spirits are more easily accessed by tuning in during the “between-times”, i.e. dusk, dawn, noon and midnight. These are times when the veils are their thinnest and faeries, sprites etc come out to play. If you sit silently, maybe up against a tree or in a place where a river divides, or anywhere that represents a “between” place (where something cross-sections another), and you open your senses, inviting the nature devas to come out, then soften your gaze, maybe you might see an unusual flash of light in the corner of your eye, or feel a breath of air on your cheek, or see the leaves rustle even if there is no wind. These can all be signs that a sprite or faerie is available for communion. The nature spirits want to work with us and if we choose to co-create a garden with them, then they will continue to help tend it, assuring healthy and happy plants and shrubs.

If you are new to communing with spirit, then first and foremost it is necessary to suspend disbelief. If you have no faith or trust that they are there, then they won’t be. Nature spirits don’t need to prove themselves to us. So, trust that they are in attendance and tune in. Go deep to a quiet space inside of yourself and invite whichever deva you wish to work with to come forward. For instance, you might want to call in a gnome to help you revitalize the energy of your land or strengthen the integrity of your trees and shrubs. Gnomes take their work very seriously and great respect is due to them. Once your interaction with a gnome is finished, it is polite to offer a gift. You can offer essential oils as a way of anointing the land and thanking the gnome for helping you. Spritzing the essences around the spot you connected to the gnome or dripping some drops of oil when the gnome is departing is also acceptable. Gnomes particularly like frankincense, hyssop, patchouli, petitgrain, valerian and ravensara. They are also partial to the woods like sandalwood, spruce, cypress, juniper and cedarwood.

If you call in a faerie, you’ll find joy bubbling up inside of you. Faeries and elves love laughter and will try to tickle you energetically. Faeries encourage a deeper relationship to the Earth and elves remind us to connect to all life on the Earth. Together they support our creativity and join with us to realize that creativity outwardly. They will help plan a garden, tell you where to plant and which plants enjoy each other’s company. Faeries and elves enjoy the floral essential oils, and spitzing yourself with these natural scents before you tune in will encourage greater communication. Some of their favorites are angelica, geranium, lavender, melissa, rose, rosemary, chamomile and most of the culinary herbs.

The water sprites or Undines not only assist us with any water projects in the garden, but they also help us with understanding emotions. They are gentle and sweet and fluid, encouraging us to open our hearts and feel the energies all around. When we connect to any water with love in our hearts, all the waters around the world harmonize to that frequency and the undines smile. Spritzing with essential oils on the land around a pond or along a riverside delights undines. Some essentials they are fond of are the mints, lemon verbena, lovage, thyme, sage, melissa, bay, cypress and helichrysum.

Of course all these nature devas are happy with any offerings you wish to honor them with when co-creating with them. I just happen to love gifting the devic realms with essential oils because of their purity and strength of energy.

So, this summer, when you are out in the garden, invite the nature devas in. Ask them to help with any questions about gardening or even about life. They are a wealth of information, love and wisdom no longer want to be pushed aside by our lack of belief. Open and request them to join you. It is the only way the veils can begin to come down.