Walking with Light Footsteps

A Challenge to Lightworkers!

If you have been drawn to read this, you probably are a Lightworker! Lightworkers are evolved Beings who are here on the Earth to hold a Universal Source Light and help move the Earth towards the awakening consciousness. They have consciously chosen to follow a spiritual path, seeking spiritual knowledge that will assist them in elevating the energetic frequencies of mankind towards ascension.

Many of my clients are Lightworkers and many are very bright Lightworkers. In one particular session, I was guiding a client in a visualization, where both of us were deep in her process and very connected to her Higher Self. She was instructed by her Inner Guidance to imagine herself walking down a street, and as each footstep lifted up, a tiny footprint of Light was left on the ground. This footprint was a memory of, or testament to, her holding a Light connection to the Earth, but it also became a portal or beacon of Source Light. She was told that when she is connected to Source, and is running Divine Light through her body into the Earth, that every step she makes leaves an imprint of the Light on the Earth. And that every time someone, some average Joe on the street, steps in her footprint, that s/he will be imbued with Source Light. She was guided to do this Lightwalk consciously, that when she goes anywhere, she is to open her crown chakra, call in Source Light and travel it through her body out the soles of her feet (shoes don’t interfere) into the earth.

I loved this idea and wanted to share it with you, because it is my belief that we all can leave Light footprints wherever we walk, if we just take a moment to set up the connection to Source (God or whatever word you choose to call it). And especially walking in consciousness as in mindful meditation walking practices, this is very effective. So I invite you to imagine connecting up to your Source (however you see it) and walking down your main street leaving little Light footprints behind. Can you imagine walking on a busy sidewalk in New York or any other metropolitan place where hundreds of thousands of people walk? And can you imagine how many people could be offered a little hit of Light every time they trod over your footprint? I bet people would begin unconsciously following your footsteps just to feel the love and compassion that these little Lightprints would offer. I can imagine that people might walk a little off their usual course just to get that little hit of Light, probably wondering why they were there instead of where they normally are. They wouldn’t know what the pull was guiding them onto your footprints, but they would follow, because they instinctively would feel the shift of frequency and feel so much better on your Lightprints.

I believe that people, even if they haven’t ‘woken up’ to their own spirituality, are still being guided by a Higher Knowing leading them towards the Light. So, one of the things a Lightworker can do to assist people in their path, is to leave little reminders around of what it feels like to be connected to the Spiritual Self. We can all choose to leave Light footprints around, or maybe even Light fingerprints. And I’m sure we do anyway, anytime we touch something when we are connected to Source Light.

But how much more powerful would it be if we chose to walk or touch things consciously with the Light, intending for our prints to be left behind to spark someone else’s internal Light. Conscious intention amplifies all Lightwork and practice.

So, here’s my challenge for all of you who have been drawn to read this article. Try walking with conscious intent, leaving behind a Lightprint and see what happens!