Visiting the Healing Temple

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In this guided visualization, you are invited to visit a healing temple. This temple has chambers or rooms in it, each room filled with a different healing color. By using color therapy, you can bathe yourself and rejuvenate at a cellular level, both psycho-spiritually as well as physically.

This meditation is particularly good for when you are deplete or partied out. Now that we are in holiday season, sometimes it is nice to go into the healing temple just to reorganize any mental and emotional exhaustion… Or because of the flu, it is also great to recharge your internal batteries and build your immune system. You can use this meditation any way you need to.
So walk along the path and experience a deep healing with this meditation.

Please remember these guided visualizations are done during my meditation class and some background noises will be heard (since this is not a professional recording). And I’m sorry that I had to sneeze in the middle of the meditation!
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