Temples of the Goddesses

When speaking of the Goddess, we are considering at a vast array of ideas, beliefs and cultural traditions as to how we as humans interpret the goddess form. And because it is such an all-encompassing subject, I’ll narrow it down in this article to a very specific energetic that I would like to explore, which is, the seeming change of the goddess chakra.

In many traditions, the goddess energy is ascribed to the second chakra (the Shakti center), as the sacral chakra is the center where women create life and all things nurturing. (Usually the god-head energy is attributed to the solar plexus or third chakra, also known as the will center). In the second chakra not only do we create life, but also all forms of creation such as art, music, poetry, etc. It is a very sacred and powerful place for women to manifest their dreams and desires, as well as stand in combat to protect those dreams and desires. In the varying aspects of the Goddess, we not only have the nurturing mother, the young sexual maiden, the wise old crone, but also the warrior, the artist, the intellectual, the sacred prostitute etc. We are all faces of the Goddess in the sacral chakra and play out all her different personalities. This second chakra can then be considered a woman’s seat of power, and here a woman will sit on her throne and manifest her true goddess nature.

Dropping one chakra lower, we have the root or the first chakra. The root chakra is how we connect to the physical world. The subtle cosmic energies are interchanged with the more earthly energies in this center. And it is in this vibrational chakra that another form of goddess emerges. This is the Earth Goddess, and our connection to her is at a different level than connecting to the goddess through the second chakra. In the first chakra we have more of a Global Goddess personification versus the second chakra where we have more of a Personal Goddess manifestation. We connect to the Mother Earth through the base chakra and in this connection feel a love for the Earth. We can experience her as an elemental force, since it is through the earth that we can grow food, build shelter, and thus are able to survive. Just as the Earth is a foundation for us to build on, so the root chakra becomes a foundation for all the other chakras to build on.

There have been many voices decrying how we humans are ‘killing’ the Earth with pollution, global warming, deforestation, etc. and man does seem to be hell-bent on destroying the very thing that offers us life. There are those people who don’t seem to care what havoc they wreak upon the Earth and I am guessing that their base chakras are probably imbalanced and unsupportive. But luckily, there are those conscious people who want to counter-balance the chaos wrought on the Earth, and they are the ones that, I believe, are becoming a strong anchor for the Global Goddess energies. I wrote a few months ago about the anchoring of the Cosmic Consciousness Energies onto this Earth – and I feel that those who are on the path of consciousness and connection to the Earth are actually changing the vibration of their root chakras.

It has been said that the Earth’s heartbeat is quickening, that her vibratory frequency is rising. And as such, we humans need to amp up our frequencies or risk falling into a deep unconsciousness. A question to ponder – what if the root chakra, representational of our connection to the Earth (global) Goddess is rising in vibrational frequency and therefore the very nature of the first chakra is changing? Could this be part of the raising of consciousness, 2012 and all that? The Earth is purported to be at the farthest distance from Galactic Center, just about to start her voyage back towards center. As the Earth in our solar system completes her elliptical swing out and begins to return, so the energies will begin to increase. Likewise, in harmony with the vibratory resonance of the Earth, we will feel a speeding up of the energies in our root chakra center that connects us to the Earth and through her, Galactic Center. Just as there are different energies associated with the ebb and flow of the tides, or the waxing and waning of the moon, so there is a difference between the energies of our solar system traveling away from and towards Galactic Center. We need to activate and ground-in our new root chakra energies to help the with our Global Goddess connection, and support the new rising frequencies of that chakra.

There are some essential oils that can assist us in amping up the root chakra vibration which are frankincense, rosemary, basil, tea tree, petitgrain and bitter orange. These can be added to mineral salts and put in a sitz bath for stimulating the first chakra – although bathing the whole body in a combination of them will work as well. In meditation or prayer, you can burn some of the tree oils that have roots deep into the earth in an aroma lamp. By using these tree essences, you can imagine following their root energies down into connection with the Earth Goddess. Some of these would include sandalwood, ylang ylang, cedarwood, cypress, rosewood and Buddha wood. These essential oils also support the root chakra by aligning us with our connection to our physical bodies and to the Earth’s changing body. They encourage us to feel good about being on this Earth, being part of this higher frequency society and being secure in ourselves as we shift to a higher vibration. They also help the base chakra to spin correctly, creating energy and life force as a foundation for the rest of our chakras to utilize. The Kundalini energy, like a serpent, rises from the base, and these oils help to awaken this creative snake with in us all.

I invite you to begin (or continue) to pay attention to your chakras and notice subtle differences, as the new energies become part of our reality. Vibrations are rising and frequencies are quickening. We can all do our part to connect on a more conscious level with the Global Goddess, our dear Earth Mother, and help her to make this possible transition a joyous occasion!