Surviving the Flu with Aromatherapy

Every time the TV is switched on, there is some sensationalized news article filling us full of fear about the N1H1 flu. If we are to believe the hype, this is going to be the most virulent strain that will effect mass populations across America. But, if you read many of the “alternative” views of the N1H1 flu, you will know that swine flu is like many other flus, and is not unusually deadly. Also that the swine flu vaccines may trigger autoimmune reactions because of the adjuvants added to boost production of antibodies. Some adjuvants are mercury (thimerosal), aluminum and squalene – heavy metals suspected in causing brain toxicity, especially in children. It is also believed that after the last outbreak of swine flu in the mid-1970s, many cases of Guillain Barre were reported, directly linked to the administration of the flu vaccine. So, whether you consider the swine flu dangerous enough to risk having a vaccine shot for it or not, there are still many precautions you can do to help keep the germs at bay.

<txp:image id=”551″ class=”imageright” />A sanitary environment is the first step to keeping healthy. Essential oils can be put in a spritzer bottle and sprayed around surfaces, doorknobs or anywhere hands touch regularly. Some effective disinfectant oils are *bergamot, eucalyptus, juniper, lavender, rosemary, tea tree and sage*. Essential oils can also be burned in an aroma lamp. An aroma lamp is usually a small bowl filled with water with 5-8 drops of essential oil added, which sits over a tea candle. The heat from the candle evaporates the water and tiny molecules of essential oil become suspended in the water vapors, which then fill the room. <txp:image id=”552″ class=”imageleft” />By inhaling the mist, you ingest the essential oil into the nasal passages, which then kills off germs in the nasal cavity, trachea, bronchial tubes etc. The essential oil vapors are also able to destroy germs floating through the air, say from a sneeze for instance. So by humidifying the room using essential oils, you can alleviate the introduction of most germs. The best essential oils for an aroma lamp are *lavender, eucalyptus, camphor, cajuput, rosemary, pine and clary sage*. (Please note that if you are on homeopathic remedies like oscillococcinum (which by the way really knocks out symptoms if taken at the very onset of any inklings that you are about to get sick), then the stronger menthol oils will antidote the remedy, in which case it is best to stick with lavender. On the other hand, lavender is a sedating oil and may not be the best choice for an office area since it will make you sleepy and unfocused. Lavender is best for the bedroom area, whereas rosemary, pine and eucalyptus are better for cleansing work places.)

If the flu has already invaded the body and you are at the scratchy throat part of the progression, then gargling with warm salty water infused with essential oils is next on the list. Place one or two drops of *tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon, garlic, ginger, sage or thyme* essential oil on a teaspoon of salt, then dissolve that in warm water and gargle every hour so soothe the throat and help reduce inflammation. Colloidal silver is also an excellent addition to this solution for gargling. If the flu has progressed to chills with a fever, the best oils to reduce the fever are *chamomile, black pepper, peppermint, hyssop, lemon and tea tree*. These oils can be applied by means of a cool compress to the head or a few drops can be added to mineral salts and put in a lukewarm bath. If you are listless and can’t muster the strength for compresses and the thought of undressing and getting in a bath seems ludicrous, then make sure you have essential oils burning in a vaporizer or aroma lamp in the bedroom to assure a constant flow of germ-killing molecules around you.

If you have reached the achy joints and sore muscles stage, then the best way to apply essential oils is through massage. Up to 6 drops of essential oils in a carrier oil can be rubbed onto the sore, achy places and then covered with a heating pad or warmed towels. The best oils for massaging stiff sore areas are *camphor, eucalyptus, ginger, black pepper, rosemary, marjoram, cypress and lavender*. If you have asked a care-giver to massage you, please insure that they wear a mask to protect them from any rogue germs. The mask can have *lavender, rosemary, tea tree or any of the camphoric oils* sprayed on it for further health insurance.

And lastly, if the flu has progressed to the congested, mucousy stage, then massaging the oils onto the chest and burning them by the bedside in an aroma lamp will help break up the catarrh. Some recommended oils for congestion are *sandalwood, eucalyptus, cedarwood, peppermint, rosemary, frankincense and hyssop*. Another very useful method is the old head over a bowl technique. Fill a bowl with hot water and put a few drops of the above essential oil into the bowl. Place a towel over your head and lean over the bowl, breathing the vapors in deeply. It is amazing how quickly you can clear up congestion with this method.

Usually there will be a period of extreme tiredness and fatigue following the last leg of the flu, which I’ve heard can last for a couple of weeks. Proper nourishment, rest and detoxifying baths are important to rebuild health. Some essential oils you can add to bath salts (Himalayan salts are excellent for post-flu recuperation) are *basil, clary sage, eucalyptus, hyssop, lemon, rose, rosemary or thyme*.

So, when deciding whether to get the flu vaccine or not, I’ll quote Herb Newborg in E-zine that “According to the official U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, “it is estimated that more than one million people became ill with novel H1N1 flu between April and June 2009 in the United States.”

Unfortunately, 302 people died because they were not healthy enough for the innate intelligence of the body to perform its natural function: develop mild symptoms as a result of the infection, produce natural antibodies and quickly return to health with protection against any future recurrence of the infection.

While this loss of life for 302 unhealthy people is tragic, the story that is not being told amid all of the swine flu and vaccine promotion hype is the fact that between April and June, 2009, at least 999,698 Americans had the perfect, normal, natural reaction to the virus that the innate intelligence of the body was designed to produce. They suffered no long-term adverse effects and lived happily ever after. “

Essential oils go a long way in helping the body’s innate wisdom in self-healing. May you be healthy throughout the flu season!

If you are feeling unwell and wish to listen to a guided visualization on self-healing, click this “link”: