Sharing a Loving Frequency

In a past article, we explored the idea of finding and giving oneself love and self-care; with the notion that it is only through loving oneself that others can love you; and that others reflect the love back to you that you give yourself. I also put forward that like attracts like and if you truly love yourself, others will love you at that level. So what happens when you are able to have self-love and you find relationships are lovingly reflective? Then it is time to share your love unconditionally in the world!

There are as many techniques of offering unconditional love as there are people dedicated to healing the planet and sending selfless love out to the world. And certainly I don’t hold all the answers, but I will try to explain some of the techniques I use and invite you to try them if they resonate with you.

One way I share my love and gratitude is to fill an internal fountain full of higher source love and flow it out. Let me explain. I imagine that my body is a many-tiered fountain, filling through my Crown chakra with white light and love from Universal Source (or God/Goddess or whatever unconditional source energy you call it). The Light/Love flows and fills the first tier of my Being (my 6th chakra), filling it so full the Light/Love spills out to the next tier (my 5h chakra), which in turn fills so full it spills to the next tier (4th chakra) etc. At any chakra level I can redirect the flow of unconditional love out. So, for example, if I wanted to offer this unconditional love out through my hands, I fill up to heart level then redirect the love flow down my arms and out my hands to the person or thing receiving it. Each chakra has its own level of vibration and I can send love out any one of the chakra centers depending on which resonance I want the unconditional energy to flow. In my massage practice I always have my internal fountain filled to overflowing so that my clients can receive this higher source Light/Love.

I think it is very important, as part of our contract with Self and with the Universe, that we share energy unconditionally with others. My office looks out on the downtown mall’s central fountain and around the fountain there are park benches for people to sit. Often homeless people occupy these chairs, or those who have nowhere better to go will sit there during the day. As part of my commitment to Spirit, I have set these park benches up as “healing chairs” in that whoever sits in them will be offered unconditional Light/Love. It’s up to their souls as to whether they choose to receive it, but if they are sitting in those chairs, they are receiving my unconditional energy as I project it from my office window. Every once an awhile I’ll nonchalantly stroll up to the seats and drip some essential oils on them to energetically cleanse them. And because I want these seats to vibrate with a high healing frequency, I usually use frankincense, geranium, sandalwood or jasmine to clear any negativity. By offering out Love/Light out unconditionally, I am also receiving Love/Light within me, keeping me in my self-love and self-acceptance.

Another thing I do, which I invite everyone else to try, is to help raise the frequency of the water around us. As another commitment to Spirit, I work with the source water that feeds Charlottesville. Last year I moved down to the reservoir and my house looks out onto the water that leads to the dam. Every day I go down to the water’s edge to meditate with the intention that unconditional Love/Light fill me so full that it pours out of me into the reservoir, changing and raising the vibration of the reservoir water. This water then goes into the water system, into everyone’s home in Charlottesville, and I imagine everyone who drinks this water is being filled with unconditional Light/Love, raising their frequencies to a higher, more self-loving resonance. I also do this when I am showering. I hold a loving intention, as the shower water flows over me, that it will eventually be fed into the reservoir, then down the line into the city water system and then eventually washing and clearing everyone of negativity and pain so that they can move closer to more self-love. I choose natural soaps that are impregnated with essential oils that promote self-love. There are some wonderful soaps that have rose, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, and patchouli scents to them that help shift the water’s vibration to a higher frequency. Taking a bath in mineral salts saturated in essential oils like those mentioned above can also work the same effect, especially if you are meditating on the Love/Light energy before you pull the drain plug. All that wonderful potentized water, filled with positive energy and good intentions, runs down and joins a re-filtering system that recycles the water back to us. Everything we give out, we get back – so why not offer the Light/Love energy out since it always flows back to you.

The work done by Dr. Masaru Emoto speaks to this and I encourage everyone to investigate his theories. He has done experiments where he has typed out words and put them on glasses of water, where the water molecules actually respond to the words and form clusters of crystals. Loving words form beautiful symmetrical crystals whereas hurtful angry words form uneven ugly clumps of molecules. Likewise loving healing prayers said over water form beautiful crystals – and the clearer the intent, the more beautiful the crystal. It is all well explained in his book, “Messages From Water”. And there are many YouTubes on his work that you can see. These visuals will help you understand the connection of prayer, vibration and healing to water as the medium for transmission. Setting intentions and sending love to water is an easy way of supporting the raising of vibrations of this Earth. And as I said, what we give out, we get back; a continual energetic cycle.

Even in the winter, when there is snow on the ground, we can pray and send love to the snow rather than cursing it for its inconvenience. Think of all the negativity many of us place into the snow that then melts into the earth, filling the water tables with anger and frustration. Instead we can send thoughts of peace, love, harmony, quietude or whatever onto the snow and ice, so that when it melts, the ground underneath it soaks up the positive vibrations. Wouldn’t that make winter weather more tolerable?

Then consider the plants we are growing in the garden in the spring and summer. What if we could set positive intentions/affirmations into the water that we feed the plants? Maybe we should paste words of health and happiness around the watering can or rain barrel, so that all water going to feed the plants already carries a high vibration. Then maybe the plants would be filled with more life-force and nurturing nourishment.

There are many ways we can send our unconditional Light/Love out into the world. I invite you to find your own ways and enjoy the sense of upliftment that it brings.