Releasing Old Patterns – The Gyroscope

Especially around the holidays, we tend to fall into old (childhood) patterns when confronted by family stress and tensions. What seems like the littlest thing to an outsider can bring inner rage and pain to a family member whose buttons have been pushed. This is when visualizations can be very helpful to transmute stressful energy and send it flying. The following is a session I had with a client who came to me in distress because she felt as if she were losing her sense of self and giving her power away. I wanted to share it with you to let you see how visualizations can assist in regaining balance and strength.

In the session I was doing Somato-Emotional Release work with my client. She was having some personal challenges with holding onto other people’s emotions, which were making her feel imbalanced and upset. She recognized that they weren’t her emotions, but somehow because she was caught in an old pattern that was very familiar to her, she knew she was taking other people’s stuff into her auric field and running their energy in an attempt to help the others feel better.

Very often we run other people’s stuff as part of that healing desire to make others feel less stressed, or to like us more (or whatever the “M-O” is in the moment), much to the detriment of our own health. When we take other people’s stuff on board, we diminish our true sense of self and get lost in the quagmire of another’s challenge. This is what happened to my client.

So, in the session we looked at what she was specifically doing, which was trying to make her husband feel stronger and less sad. Being a nurse, she has always had a propensity to over-help in an attempt to try to take other’s pain and sadness away. She became so enmeshed in her husband’s stress and wanted so much for him to feel better that she began to take on and feel his symptoms.

It’s hard to explain the energetic dynamic, but when you take on another’s tense energy or emotion, you can become lethargic, tired, headachy and frustrated in your own self. When you assume the mantle of some one else’s anger, pain, grief, stress, etc, you deplete your own innate chi or life force and join them in a downward spiral.

Once my client’s issue was defined and she could separate herself from her spouse’s emotions, she could then find a deeper sense of self. But she didn’t know how to release his emotions from her body. We needed to specify where exactly in her body she was running his emotions. She found that there was a dull ache in her solar plexus. It was as if she had continual nausea or an upset stomach. She said it was like she had been punched in her gut some time ago and the dull memory remained knotted in there. Her will center (3rd chakra) had been compromised and she realized she was giving her power away to her husband in an attempt to fill his energy up and make him feel more actualized.

This is where guided visualizations come in handy. Once you have isolated the issue and located it in the body, then you can access deep levels of innate inner knowledge to figure out how to come back to homeostasis. We decided she needed to do some psychic cleansing in order to find balance and realign herself again.

Visualizations usually are very potent when doing psychic cleansing. Some of the ones I have used in the past are things like taking a psychic fire hose and washing the effected area down. Or getting a psychically sudsy scrub brush and scrubbing the area down. Or picking up all the psychic/emotional debris in a bag and throwing it off a cliff. Or imagining that all the stuff you are carrying for someone else is in a big backpack, and you can take each symbolic rock out of the pack, look at what it represents and then decide if you want to leave it behind. There are so many different techniques – but this following one was new to me.

So, my client is lying down horizontally on my therapy table, and we call in a Merkaba. A Merkaba, from all I’ve learned, is two triangles joined one upside down on the other so that it looks like an 8 pointed star. The Merkaba spins very fast creating a vacuum, which can be used for various journeys. But the way we used it was to have it spinning like a tornado effect, spinning around her belly, catching emotional garbage that didn’t belong to her and having it thrown off her at great velocity.

As I watched the energetic of this star whipping around, clearing out the debris of old stagnant emotions, it began to morph into what looked like a gyroscope. And I began to understand that this gyroscope was going to assist her in staying balanced and centered when others try to dump their emotional garbage on her. She visualized the gyroscope spinning around her solar plexus, shifting, cleansing and reorganizing her 3rd chakra into balance. Then we guided the gyroscope so that it was positioned upright, as if it were spinning on a vertical plane when she was standing, and we imagined that whenever someone tried to release their anger or frustration on her, that the energy would get caught in the gyroscope and whip around, exterior to her body and fly off her and away. This way she no longer needed to carry it and yet the other person also felt relieved because they were able to vent and dump their stuff off themselves.

When she finally stood up, she said she felt lighter, centered and grounded, and also felt this internal spinning which seemed to give her energy and Light. She reported that she no longer had the tight tummy and felt re-empowered and strong. She knew because of this new imaged gyroscope, that she would always find her center and be able to withstand other’s attempts at energetic infiltration. Because of her love for her husband, she said that she still wants to assist him in finding his own strength and balance, but will no longer disempower herself for his sake.

I wanted to report this session (with her permission) to suggest that during this time of family gatherings and emotional challenges, why not take some time and set up your own internal gyroscope or Merkaba, letting it spin so fast that no one else’s stuff can penetrate your auric field and bring yo down. When you can find your own strength to maintain balance and groundedness, no one can topple you off center. The gyroscope can spin on practically any surface and stay balanced. We all can have our own internal sense of gyroscopic balance.