Releasing Negativity

Cypress Audio Meditation

With this meditation, you can read the words below through once to become familiarized with the content, and then listen to the audio meditation and meditate along with it. Because this meditation is specifically supported by Cypress, you might have the essential oil either burning in an aroma lamp or place a drop of the oil on a tissue and sniff it or maybe even put the oil in a bath and soak in it while listening to the meditation being played back. Smelling the aroma and hearing its words will transport you into the world of the oil and connect you to a deeper understand of the healing that each oil offers. Remember, this is only one quality of the oil. Each essential oil has many faces

Cypress says:
Come sway with me. Come catch the breeze and feel free. The gift I am offering is one of ease and grace and joy. The pure joy of flow. Can you flow with the tides and currents of the universal ocean? Can you allow yourself to gently rock in the rhythm of the universal waves as they wash around you? Cypress is the key to being in the flow of the celestial sea.

The meditation-
Inhale Cypress’s aroma. Breathe the odor deep into your body and feel the energy of its resonance. Now, imagine yourself beginning to float. You begin rising above the ceiling of your room, above the roof of your building, above the tops of the trees. See yourself floating gently through the clouds and even higher into the stratosphere. Don’t worry; there is no need for a coat or an oxygen tank. You are in your Light Body and free of all physical needs and restrictions. Your Light Body is liberated from its pains and stresses and fears. Up here you are safe and secure, open and expansive.

As you feel yourself floating (give yourself time to really feel the sensation of floating), notice a soft internal swaying beginning to happen. This shifting to and fro or from side to side comes out of your energy field; it is not a motivated or forced movement of the mind saying “move”. Rather it is an energetic rocking that maybe comes from the breath letting the chest rise and fall, or the blood surging through its arteries. Or maybe it is the rhythm of an unexplained force softly undulating you, pushing you as if you were on a cosmic swing. Don’t let your mind get caught up in why your body wants to move, just allow it its natural pulse of energy. (Give yourself time to truly sense the internal sway and be present without thought or judgment as to the whys and wherefores).

Once again inhale the cypress scent. Deeply invite the fragrance into your Being. As you see yourself in this gentle rocking pattern, allow a vision of a challenge to begin to appear in your peripheral vision. It may be a current situation that you feel powerless in, or a circumstance that causes you an uneasy feeling. Or it may be some past even that you wish to rewrite. Whatever your internal vision is manifesting, allow yourself to begin to see it clearly as if you were watching a movie or the TV. Sense what emotions you are feeling in the challenging situation. (Give yourself time to really feel the emotions in your body). Focus on how this event brings contraction to the body. How the body feels wound up and tight in this visualized challenge. Maybe your shoulders have risen higher and feel pulled in. Maybe your gut feels uneasy and slightly sickened. Maybe there is a mild thumping in your head when you recreate the difficult circumstance. Whatever you are feeling, stay with that feeling. Don’t be afraid to commit to feeling, because it is only in embracing the feeling that you begin the healing. (Allow yourself to hold the feeling and really feel it).

Breathe in the Cypress scent again. Permit its energetic resonance to permeate through the physical body. Really see the difficult situation that you created and feel it in your body. Now, reintroduce the idea of the earlier flowing movement into the body. Feel the internal rhythm begin swaying your Being. Breathe and let the gentle rocking begin to unwind the taught body. If your shoulders were tense in the visualized situation that caused you stress, let Cypress’s sway begin to relax the shoulders away from your ears. Feel your neck lengthen and elongate. If your belly was contracted and uneasy, feel the rhythmic undulation soften the gut and expand the belly. Feel your organs begin their natural dance of joy inside your abdomen. If your head had felt constricted and headachy, imagine a gentle pulsing of cerebral spinal fluid bathing and cleansing your brain, so that the headache literally washes away.

This internal rhythm is a natural way of flowing negativity and dis-ease out of the body. Cypress’s gift is one of self-healing ease. Sway, pulsation, rocking, undulation are all ways our bodies find balance and come back to center.

Re-visualize your uncomfortable situation that had contracted the body earlier and again bring in the flow of movement into the situation. See yourself moving easily and gracefully out of the dissonant space. Whatever caused you to feel powerless or less than whole, see the flow of your energy wash you away from the pain and discomfort and into a place of harmony and self-compassion. Invite your imagination to let you sway and maybe even dance out of the uneasy circumstance as if you could float away from the negativity. It is that simple and that effortless. You can change your attitude towards any challenge by encouraging the inner flow of your creation to replace the negative, constricting feelings in the body. This is Cypress’s gift and also your gift to yourself.

Breathe again and feel the comfort and openness of your physical Being. Feel the freedom of internal movement and the connectedness to the rhythms of the earth. You are one with the dance of the cosmos. Give in and dance with the galactic flow. (Stay in meditation and feel yourself dancing on the Higher Planes). (When you feel ready-) Now slowly allow yourself to begin to come out of meditation. Breathe Cypress’s scent and float your energetic body back into the physical body. Keep the idea of internal sway as you wiggle your fingers and toes to remind the body of its extremities. Loll your head gently from side to side and feel the ease of movement. Slowly open your eyes to let in light and your present surroundings. Smile and stretch your body in easy fluid movements. And come fully back to present.