New Year’s New Beginnings with Aromatherapy

We all vow to start afresh every New Year, pledging to stay on a diet or to quit smoking or to stop spending so much money. All these are worthy resolutions, but we can go a lot further with beginning anew by choosing to freshen things up around us energetically. Essential oils, because of their powerful ability to cleanse and reorganize energy, can assist us in renewing last year’s environment.

One thing we often forget to do is cleanse our jewelry and what better time to remember than the first of the year. Gemstones, gold and silver carry their own frequencies of energy and very often when we wear a piece of jewelry habitually, that piece begins to pick up our vibration, which is then carried in its energetic memory. When we wear that piece of jewelry again, we automatically realign to the predominant frequency. So, if we wear a gemstone during a particularly stressful or traumatic time, the jewelry encapsulates the negative energy and stores it in its frequency. The next time the gemstone is put back on, our bodies become re-imprinted with the stress energy and our cells re-pattern to that negativity. Cleansing and clearing negativity is vital to the health of our jewelry and us. A classic way to clean up energetically dirty jewelry is to place the gems in a bowl of salt water and put the bowl out overnight under a full moon. The cleansing rays of the moon clear out negativity. Essential oils can do the same sort of clearing. Putting a few drops of rosewood, cedarwood, tea tree, geranium or sandalwood in a bowl of water and leaving the stones to soak with the intention of purifying any negativity, will allow the pieces to neutralize and harmonize with the positive frequency of the earth. Then before placing the jewelry on again, you can set the intention that the pieces only be worn in health, happiness and harmony. That way you attract only good things to you when wearing your gems.

With the idea of microcosms and macrocosms, our car or truck is very often a reflection of our bodies, in that they are both vehicles that carry our soul forward. It is a nice ritual to smudge the car at least once a year to remove the past and bring in new intentions of moving forward with clarity and joy. We can heighten the energy of the smudge stick by dripping a few drops of essential oils onto it before lighting. Some good essentials that will help cleanse the old energy and bring protection and safety to a car are frankincense, rosemary, peppermint, lemon, pine and clary sage. Cleansing is particularly necessary if the vehicle was involved in an accident or had malicious damage done to it. Clearing out the old trauma to the car and blessing it will enhance your future safety behind the wheel.

Clothing can also be brought into the New Year with fresh energy. Emotions cling to fabric like lint and any time we’ve had a stressful or disturbing occurrence, our clothes retain that frequency of disharmony. Spritzing the closet or cupboards with a mixture of essential oils in water can alleviate negative energy from the clothes. Essential oils that neutralize unhappy or upsetting emotions are chamomile, rose, lavender, melissa, sage, vetiver and ylang ylang. A few drops can always be added to laundry detergent to ensure energetically clean clothes anytime. And don’t forget to spritz in your shoes to assure that you’ll walk into the new year with energized steps of health and a sense of grounding.

It is always nice to rededicate the bed at the beginning of the year to ensure restfulness, peace, serenity, joy, love and comfort. Setting an intention for creating these positive energies while spritzing the following essential oils will cleanse any old or stale feelings out of the mattress, guaranteeing a delightful slumber. These oils are jasmine, rose, neroli, patchouli, ylang ylang, geranium, cinnamon, and ginger. These essentials can also be added to an aroma lamp or dripped onto a lit candle to purify the bedroom of last year’s outmoded feelings.

If there is a sacred place, like an altar or a place where deities/treasures/mementos are kept, then a good re-amping of energy is always advisable. Our desires, prayers, intentions and/or emotions change and evolve with each passing year and to revisit and rededicate our keepsake area is a way to keep the energy fresh and current (and the gods happy!). Choosing a new incense or candle can amplify the area’s energy and anointing any statues or treasures with essential oils can bestow new radiance to the objects. Essential oils used in sacred cleansing are frankincense, myrrh, galbanum, elemi, jasmine, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, mugwort, helichrysum and sage.

So, now that we are starting a new year, resolving to recreate ourselves in new ways, remember that everything around us is a reflection of who we are and to change the energy allows us to move forward with refreshed and revitalized vigor. Allow the essential oils to help you elevate the vibrations around you and support you in new and higher frequencies. Have a very happy New Year!