Manifesting on Higher Planes

One of the universal laws of manifestation is-– thought precedes energy , energy precedes manifestation. When you introduce the thought, it creates energy and eventually if it is for your Highest Good, it will manifest into reality.

Whenever I feel unable to maintain neutrality or am emotionally invested in someone’s well-fare for personal desires, then I know I have to detach and take my concerns to the higher planes. It will not help the individual for me to try to influence them to do my what I want if they aren’t on board with it. They are their own person and have to navigate their own path alone. I can offer guidance, in a non-judgmental or non-agendaed way, but I cannot tell them what to do. Even if I think that what I feel is right, I have to let the other person come to their own choice from their own inner space of knowledge.

That’s when I take them to the higher planes. The higher planes are another dimensional space where there is no duality or polarity.
It is a higher dimension, vibrationally resonating to the 5th dimension or higher depending on your clarity and ability, where you meet the other individual in a state of grace and acceptance.

We all have a Higher Self, an all-wise aspect of self that knows our Soul’s journey here on Earth. It is aware and helps us follow our pre-destined journey, keeping us on track with what our own Inner Being wants for our Soulic progression. We all have this divine guidance system that, in meditation or quiet contemplation, we can hear. It helps us to make the right choice for our Soul’s evolution and helps us to self-actualize here on Earth. We all have a Higher Self, a Light Being that we are at our core. It is this Light Being, (a golden or effervescent energy self) that radiates Soul knowledge and goodness. And it is this Being that we take to the Higher Planes for help in whatever challenge we have.

So let’s say you want something from someone and they just refuse to see your point or believe in what you say. Maybe you want a promotion and need them to see you as competent. Or maybe you want someone to respond to you in a more loving manner. Their personality, here on Earth, is self-absorbed in its own ego self, and can’t hear you or see you as you wish it to be. And yet you want to feel heard by this person.

So, here’s the technique. You find a quiet place to meditate, and drop into a sacred space of open-heartedness. See yourself in your Lightbody or your Higher Self body up in the higher dimensions. See yourself as radiant, as whole and complete and one with your Soul’s destiny. Sense that what you wish to manifest is for your Highest Good, that if you create this desire, it will assist you on your path to enlightenment. If you feel that you are in alignment with your Soulic path, then call the other person to you in your mind’s eye. See the other individual in his or her Lightbody, radiant and knowing what is right for them. If it feels appropriate, explain to them, on this higher plane, what it is that you tried to say earlier in your challenge. Explain your position, coming from a heart space, with compassion and neutrality. You are not trying to change them. This isn’t about them. It’s about you being heard. So explain your position in an open-hearted way and sense that they are listening. In your mind’s eye, still see them as neutral, as a Lightbody of their higher wisdom. It is only when you meet them as equal beings of light and compassion, that your words will be heard. 
You may have to meet them on the higher planes a few times to really sense that they are hearing you. But eventually, their Higher Self will filter your information down to their sub-conscious and then to their consciousness, and they will then understand you when you say your words again to their 3-D face.

Very often we, on the mundane 3-D planes, are resistant to change. We have been programmed to be set in our ways and change can be threatening. But if you first introduce change into the energy body, then it will filter down into the mental body and be far more likely to manifest. As stated earlier, the universal laws of manifestation are – thought precedes energy , energy precedes manifestation. So you introduce the thought, watch it create energy and eventually if it is for your Highest Good, it will manifest into reality. The more you take one specific energy or thought to the higher planes and introduce it (with neutrality and compassion) to the higher self of the other person (or group), then the more energy is created and the more likely it will manifest. But remember, the final clause to say is always “If it is for my highest good, right here right now, in my Soulic journey.” If it is not, then whatever is for your best, will have a chance to create, since there is already a great wealth of energy created for Soulic manifestation.