Follow Your Heart – Heart Math

As energies shift and change, and as the world continues to look more and more dire, there is something quite marvelous happening alongside the dismalness of it all. We continue to change as human beings energetically. I know I’ve spouted about this before, but now more than ever, when governments are misaligned, the money coffers are bleak, and stress abounds, we, as Beings of Light, are still increasing our frequencies and moving to higher levels of spiritual connection and evolution. It matters little what is happening in the mundane world, if we can collectively hold the intention of love, peace and light, we remain on an upward path. In my last article we explored the idea that the root (base) chakra’s frequency is in acceleration and shifting to a more balanced resonance with the Earth. I also believe that our heart chakra has been on a similar path of resonant balance with the Earth.

The heart’s electromagnetic field is the most powerful rhythmic energy field produced by the body. The Institute of HeartMath is an organization “dedicated to helping people establish heart-based living and global coherence”. The IHM people define Coherence as “a highly efficient state in which all of the body’s systems work together in harmony. Increasing personal coherence creates an alignment of mind, body, emotions and spirit through the power of the heart. Heart coherence serves as a facilitator, adding strength and effectiveness to your care, compassion, intentions and actions to help the world”. The IHM have been studying how a person’s coherent heart’s electromagnetic currents not only affect the individual person but also can equally affect the earth globally. We may think we are ruled by our brains but the IHM have done studies that prove that the heart radiates an electrical current 100 times more powerful than the brain’s electrical emissions, and the heart is magnetically 5000 times more powerful than the brain. They believe that when we create intentions of desire, electromagnetic patterns are formed in our hearts, that then charge and rearrange our molecular energy to that new pattern. This conscious creating sets up templates in our molecular energetic soup (so to speak) that harmonize and mirror the earth’s magnetic frequencies, allowing us manifestation.

One of the studies that the Institute of HeartMath did was to place sensors in two of the satellites that orbit the earth. These sensors track the electromagnetic frequencies of the earth and it was during one of these experiments that they found how humans influence the magnetic and electrical frequencies of our world. In September 2001, scientists noticed incredible increases in the electromagnetic pulses of the earth, and when they looked deeper into the charts, they found that the spikes of energy began happening ½ hour after the planes hit the World Trade Buildings on Sept. 11. Apparently the collective intensity of prayer during that period markedly increased the global frequencies of the earth. In other words, when a group of people collectively shared one intention of healing, peace, compassion gratitude or love, they actually changed the earth’s electromagnetic impulses to harmonize with that frequency. Since 9/11, there have been countless studies, where groups have come together in meditation or prayer with the same intention, and using sensors, they have found that a few highly focused people can effect the masses. There is mathematical formula that represents man’s ability to affect the consciousness of the masses. It states that all it takes is the square root of one percent of the population to all sit in meditation and feel in their coherent hearts one specific emotion or intention for it to affect that mass. The heart’s energy is so huge and when combined with other hearts in a group, the energy is exponentially expanded. People who aren’t aware of the intention will still be affected by just being in proximity to the coherent group, which is why large masses of people can have their molecular frequencies changed by being near the heart-based meditation group.

It is interesting that during this time of stress and change, we are also discovering ways of holding up higher frequencies of healing, love and Light. It reflects the polarity of, for as much dark there is light. The IHM says, “When we activate the power of our heart and intentionally have sincere feelings such as appreciation, care and love, we allow our heart’s electrical energy to work for us. Consciously choosing a positive heart feeling over a negative one means instead of the drain and damage stress causes to our body’s systems, we are renewed mentally, physically and emotionally. The more we do this, the better we’re able to ward off stress and energy drains in the future. Heartfelt positive feelings fortify our energy systems and nourish the body at the cellular level. At HeartMath, we call these emotions “quantum nutrients.” When we consciously evoke core heart feelings, we nourish our bodies at every level. Like quantum nutrients, core heart feelings keep our cells regenerating.”

I love the idea of quantum nutrients! I also love the idea that when we incorporate essential oils into our meditations, we can add a much deeper level of experience of these quantum nutrients. Essential oils that help to balance love of self and others are rose, geranium, palmarosa, neroli, elemi, melissa, hyssop, rosewood, chamomile, ylang ylang, galbanum, angelica and jasmine. For a heightened meditative space to connect with the heart energies some oils are frankincense, myrrh, rose, sandalwood, vetiver and elemi. Essential oils can easily help with opening the heart to deeper levels of compassion bringing group energy together. These oils are clary sage, jasmine, neroli, frankincense, patchouli, rose, ylang ylang, and sandalwood.

It has been known throughout the ages that the heart’s directed compassion and love can change energy. But now we can scientifically measure the results of heart-based coherent focus. We need to come together and form groups of like-minded people who can hold a caring intention of appreciation, gratitude and love so that we can keep the fabric of the earth’s energies intact. Now that we know we are intricately intertwined with the earth’s energies, it becomes our responsibility to redirect negative thoughts to more loving thoughts. Each of us can help change our scary stressed-out world to one of beauty and peace. Check out the IHM at and if you friend them on facebook at Global Coherence Initiative, you can receive updates on when they are holding mass meditations that you can participate in. With the benefits of quantum nutrients, why not?!?