First Chakra

The First Main Chakra is called the root or base chakra and is located at the base of the spine a little beyond the tip of the coccyx. In most philosophies it is associated with the color red and connects to the element of earth. Its associated body parts correspond to all solid parts like the bones, teeth, etc and to the lower genitalia.

The root chakra is how we connect to the physical world. The subtle cosmic energies are interchanged with the more earthly energies in this center. We connect to the Mother Earth through the base chakra and in this connection feel a love for the earth. We can experience her as an elemental force, since it is though the earth that we can grow food, build shelter, and thus are able to survive. Just as the earth is a foundation for us to build on, so the root chakra becomes a foundation for all the other chakras to build on. It is the base for the Kundalini energy to be stored.

This chakra deals with tribal consciousness and the understanding that one needs to belong in order to survive. We, as humans, began as tribal people, creating community for safety and well-being. In a tribal order, we knew we would be cared for, nurtured and supported. The beliefs of the group became the beliefs of the individual and rooted deep into the first chakra. These beliefs became so established that soon we were instinctually acting from this place of tribal principle, rather than thinking and acting from an individual space. If we chose to be separate, the tribe might reject us, leaving us to fend for ourselves. This could lead to a sense of danger and loneliness, causing an imbalance to the stability of the root chakra. The root chakra when imbalanced also leads to insecurity and a materialistic greediness. If rejected by the tribe, we would then need to gather up and hold tight to as many possessions as we could, since our support system through the tribe would no longer exist. Our actions would revolve around selfishly satisfying our personal needs, hoarding compulsively so we would never be without. We would feel threatened, angry and victimized, which ultimately would take a toll on our health leading to lethargy and depression, illness and disease.

With a healthy root chakra, there would be no need for selfishness or greed. We would understand our connection to the earth, to the tribe and work in a humanistic fashion for the good of everyone. Life energy would flow, health would be prime and emotions would be balanced. There would be a primordial trust and a sense of security.

So, how does this apply to aromatherapy and the use of essential oils? We know that the essential oils vibrate on certain frequencies and support the levels of energies in the body that resonate in similar frequencies. Emotions like insecurity, greed, anger, jealousy etc are all lower frequency resonances, bringing the physical body into an imbalanced state of depression and pain. By using essential oils, we can encourage the body to raise its frequency so that it is resonating at a much higher state of health.

The root chakra, which deals with base needs and survival, also connects us to the earth which sustains those survival needs, so we would use essential oils that help us align to the earth’s energies to feel supported by her. Some oils that harmonize with the earth and the base chakra are those trees that have deep roots into the earth. Essential oils like sandalwood, cypress, elemi, cedarwood, and rosewood.

Other essential oils that help combat a sense of isolation from the group (tribe) when the base chakra is imbalanced, which leads to fear, depression and anxiety are frankincense, clary sage, geranium, rose, melissa, vetiver, patchouli, and ylang ylang.

These essential oils support the root chakra by aligning us with our connection to our physical bodies and to the earth’s body. They encourage us to feel good about being on this earth, being part of society and being secure in ourselves. They also help the base chakra to spin correctly, creating energy and life force as a foundation for the rest of our chakras to utilize. The Kundalini energy, like a serpent, rises from the base, and these oils help to awaken this creative snake with in us all.