Essential Oil Reflections

In the law of microcosms/macrocosms, it is believed that everything is reflected from the most minute to the most expansive. Spirals within spirals, patterns within patterns. The world shows you where you are by mirroring it back to you. I believe that this idea is even reflected in the art of aromatherapy. In my over 20 years using essential oils, I have watched as certain essential oils will predominate in my therapy practice during a specific time, then others will surface in importance. This appears to mirror the shifts and changes in the earth’s energies around me.

In my aromatherapy practice, I intuitively dowse for which oils to use on my clients when they come in for a massage. Each time a client comes in, I align myself with their higher-self energies and ask what would be most efficacious for their highest good that day. Then I dowse and see which essential oils come up for them. I have over 60 essential oils that I dowse, so the choice is extensive. And usually a combination of 3, maybe 4 or 5 will come up for the individual, depending on their psychological/emotional symptoms as well as their physical ailments.

But in the years of doing this, I have noticed that one oil will be prevalent over the others, in that, one oil will come up for just about every client during a period of time (sometimes a month, sometimes longer). This, I believe, is the master oil that resonates with the universal frequency of that time period. I think that the essential oils are so tuned to balancing us, that they raise our frequency to that of the predominant energy of that earth phase. They harmonize us in tune with the earth’s resonance.

If it is true that we are being shifted to a ‘new age’ and that we are being hit with wave after wave of galactic/universal/god-source energy from a higher plane, then it makes sense to me that we would need tools to help us integrate these waves of energy. Since the plant kingdom is so close to the earth energetically, it seems that the plants have a pact to help the earth shift to its new existence, and also help all those who live on the earth.

I have seen when I am going through a certain stressful time, that specific plants will just appear in my garden, that on a frequency level, help with that particular stress or emotion. This is the foundational belief of Flower Remedy treatments, which I believe to be very effective. So, a flower will pop up in my garden saying ‘let me assist you in helping to move forward in your spiritual/emotional journey’. Or I will just intuitively have to buy a new plant for my flowerbed, and then when I look it up in my Bach Flower reference, I am struck by how perfect its message is for me at that moment. I believe each plant has a job to do in balancing us on this earth and it is a symbiotic relationship.

Likewise, in my therapy room, the prevailing vibrational essential oil will say “Let me help the client release old patterns/old baggage that keeps her from moving forward on her journey”. This same oil that resonates with the earth’s frequency will say ‘use me’ for all my clients that seem to be on a similar spiritual journey. And it is a belief that we attract to us what we need to look at, so many times I am traveling the same frequency journey as my clients. “We are all one” fit perfectly in this scenario.

For a long time I dowsed that frankincense was needed by just about every client. This was when we were changing vibrations around the first Harmonic Convergence in 1987 – I remember because I had always been told that frankincense would lead us into the ‘age of Aquarius’ and that frankincense was the male frequency of the St. Germaine energy, who was assisting us in the shift to the new frequency back then. Frankincense was prevalent in all my treatments and all my clients loved the fragrance, which happens when we are drawn to something we need. Often things that normally taste terrible when we are healthy, suddenly taste divine when we are sick and in need of the plant’s medicine. And it is with essential oils. Sometimes I can’t get enough of a fragrance that at other times makes me wrinkle my nose. Anyway, after frankincense in the late 80’s, a softer, more feminine essence came in – that of ylang ylang, as we moved to integrate the Harmonic Convergence energies. Ylang was then the dowsed oil for all my clients. And so it continued in my awareness that a different oil would be predominate.

Right now, I have noticed that geranium has been lending a helping hand. I hadn’t consistently used geranium (apart from the odd time) for years, but now it seems every client needs it for his/her spiritual progress. Geranium is very balancing and helps awaken our inner senses. Chamomile is also assisting, in that I am using it again and again in treatments. In this time of many stresses and fears, chamomile lends a gentle and soothing energy to help calm us and bring us back to center. Cypress has been a friend of late, enabling us to flow through harsh planetary alignments. And jasmine has been available energetically to ease us into self-acceptance and self-actualization as we move forward on our spiritual paths. Elemi is a wonderful resin used in Egyptian times that has come forward to protect us and shield us from harmful energies that sap us of our natural vitality. Lavender is recycling again and offering a soothing and calming hand of friendship in this frenetic world. Lavender invites us to go within ourselves to find tranquility and grace.

So, I watch the shifts and changes, and I know we are being supported by a universal understanding that we are all one – the macrocosms and microcosms of our energies, the earth’s energies, the plant’s energies and those of the heavens above. And through all this, in my therapy treatments, the essential oils nudge us forward on our cosmic ride.