Empowerment and Aromatherapy

There always seems to be so much to worry in these periods of difficulty and challenge. So many times the external situations of the world make us feel disenfranchised and helpless, not to mention hopeless in a lot of cases …

One thing I’d like to revisit with this article is the idea that we have the ability to empower ourselves and choose to see the positive in life. Personal power is built in the third chakra, the “Solar Plexus chakra”:http://www.suzannebovenizer.com/meditations/the-third-charka-meditation, which is considered the Will Center of our Being. Here we are able to stand in our truth, to realize and be the statement of the “I AM”. This “I Am” statement is one of the most powerful creations of personal energy and when we affirm any desire with “I Am”, we activate an internal flow of chemicals that can lead to manifestation of the affirmation. There are many things written about the effects of positive affirmations and how they work. Basically, when we affirm something, our brain creates a chemical that feeds the intention into the body. When we think or affirm positive things, we send empowering energy into our cells; when our thoughts are negative, the body reacts with destructive energy.

Choosing to stay in the positive energy brings light and health to the physical body as well as lightens the mind. Words like self-responsibility, self-assertion, self-belief, self-understanding, self-actualization and self-love are all solar plexus words that hold a positive “I Am” frequency. Anytime we create a thought of positive energy about ourselves, our solar plexus energy balances and expands. When this energy center is imbalanced or compromised, as in times of stress, doom and gloom, then a sense of self-dejection sets in.We become fearful and loose the ability to assert our true selves, sliding deeper into misery, discouragement, and despair. We become unsure of our intuitive knowing and begin depending on others to create our reality. We give up our personal power, forfeit our self-respect and abandon our self-esteem. Luckily there are some essential oils that support our positive self-image and help us identify with a sense of self-empowerment. Oils that assist the solar plexus on an emotional level are *frankincense, rose, myrrh, melissa, neroli, elemi, rosewood, sandalwood, chamomile, and rosemary*. These essential oils alone or in combination can be put in a massage oil and rubbed clockwise around the belly while thinking the positive affirmation. Soaking in a bath of any of these oils while contemplating (or just dreaming) happy thoughts will activate the solar plexus in a positive way.

All colors carry a resonance or frequency and the color yellow supports the solar plexus chakra and strengthens our “I Am” frequency. Yellow reflects the color of the sun, the warm nurturing feeling of joy and contentment. It is the energy of fire. Fire gives us heat, light, energy and clearing, in that it allows us to burn away physical debris. On a spiritual level this solar plexus fire is used for purification and burning out the old negative belief patterns and the obsolete energies preventing us from moving forward on our spiritual path. Some essential oils that resonate on a similar frequency to yellow/fire are *lemon, melissa, helichrysum, verbena, mugwort, ginger, chamomile and jasmine*. These oils can be used in meditation, in ritual or in any ceremony where negative self-perception needs to be transmuted or cleared away. Even burning essential oils when watching the news or reading the newspaper can begin to counterbalance the negativity and fear that is spewed out from the media. Fear sells papers, but disrupts our inner sense of stability and balance. It negates the “I Am” energy by creating a dramatic world of lack and pain. So, rather than buying into the pessimistic, self-perpetuating “I Am” beliefs like “I am so poor”, “ I am going to lose my job”, “ I am unable to pay my mortgage”, instead replace those with positive affirmations like “I am worthy of abundance”, “I am a magnet for prosperity”, “I am surrounded by love, joy, wealth, health and contentment”.

I have often said that we create our own realities, and using the empowering statement of “I Am” to attract all things good will help tide us over these otherwise dismal days of doom and gloom. Essential oils can assist in supporting our lives but we first and foremost have to change our thought patterns to begin to create the world that we want to live in.