Aura (Energy) Cleansing

Because we live in a world of polarity filled with extremes, we can experience a roller coaster ride of energy on a daily basis. We may walk past two people enjoying a perfect day in the park and feel uplifted by their emanating joyous loving energy. Or we may walk past two other people having an altercation and want to take a wide berth around their energy because it makes us feel uneasy or dirty. Why are we reacting this way? All people have an energy field around them usually called the etheric body, aura or auric field. The base energy field usually extends 3 feet out in all directions and it is our personal boundary line. All we feel, sense and are, radiates out into this field and anyone passing by, if they are sensitive, can pick up what’s going on with us just by intermingling their energy with ours and tuning in. And visa versa. We unconsciously sense in our energy field all that others emit in theirs; and because energies are continually blending, we can sometimes actually retain other people’s energies, if we do not have integrity in our own fields. We can start out a day full of energy and joy, and by the end of a day, if we have combined and retained energies with others of less integrity, we can have symptoms of fatigue, depression, headaches, disorientation, confusion and fear. It only takes something like being crowded in a public space, like a subway or bus; or watching a violent movie in a theater full of people; or witnessing a fight or accident or other such trauma. All these negative incidences open into our auric fields and allow lower frequency energy to filter in. But fear not! It is very simple to cleanse these negative or unwanted energies out of our field with just a little visualization and some lovely cleansing essential oils.

So, let’s say you come in at night and you feel dirty or grimy in your energy field. The easiest way to describe the “dirty energy” is how Charles Shultz visualized the dust clouds around the Pigpen character in Charlie Brown. The psychic dirt is for the most part harmless, but it isn’t part of your intrinsic energy and doesn’t need to be carried by you. One technique that I use in my home and office is the psychic shower of Light. I visualize that in the entranceway to my house and above the door to my office there is a psychic waterfall or shower of shimmering white Light that cleanses all extraneous energy from my etheric field before I walk in. I stand before the threshold of the door, see the waterfall of Light, then as I pass through, I allow the shimmering Light to wash off all negative or clinging energy that doesn’t serve my Highest Good. This way I know when I enter my house or office, I am not trailing in anyone else’s grimy energy. I also spray or wipe down my doorframes with essential oils to add that extra energy of integrity. Some essential oils that are handy to have around for cleansing are *cedarwood, cypress, geranium, juniper, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, mugwort, orange, peppermint, pine and rosewood*.

Speaking of showers, you can also use this waterfall visualization in an actual shower. Stand in your shower and allow the water to run down your head and body. Imagine that the water is white (or any color you wish) Light and that it is cleansing off your energy body as the actual water cleans off your physical body. Then once the cleansing is over, sometimes it is nice to fill yourself up with Universal Light and Love to revitalize your auric field. This is done by simply changing the visualization from cleansing to filling energy and imagining your body being filled with wonderful, sparkling Light and energy. It is one of the most refreshing showers! And to top it off, have an atomizer filled with essential oils available and spritz your energy field after the shower to ensure integrity of your aura. Some oils that revitalize and seal the aura are *frankincense, lemon, rosemary, bergamot, vetiver, geranium, sage, patchouli, or mugwort*. You only need one or two oils in a solution, though I sometimes use 4 or 5 if I feel I need the extra cleansing power of the essential oils, especially if I’ve been traveling in an airplane or have gone to DC or another major city.

A fun way to keep your energy field clean when you know you have to be out in crowds is to place a photo of yourself on a flat surface and drip some drops of essential oils around the photo, setting the intent that these oils keep you clean of all superfluous negative energy that you may encounter in your journeys. The circle of oils will hold an invisible shield around you and deflect anybody’s energy that you don’t need to co-mingle with. Likewise you can spritz a solution of essential oils over your photo to cleanse off unwanted energies and to keep you clear of psychic debris, either before or after your encounters with the outside world. Some efficacious oils for this are *angelica, eucalyptus, tea tree, melissa, sage, jasmine, clary sage and basil*.

In past times, smoking a peace pipe or using tobacco or peyote was a ritual of peace and brotherhood. Now there is a lot of judgment around smoking and it no longer binds us in communion. There is a very negative charge around smoking causing many people feel guilty or bad about their actions. This sets up a depressive energetic in the body that compounds the physical effects of the smoke. One way to dispel the negative energetic charge is take the tobacco or whatever you are going to smoke, and dedicate the it to a Higher level of Being for protection and union with that Being. Anytime we call in the deities, angelic realms or ascended masters into ritual, and dedicate the action to them, they surround us in protective Light against negativity. Having essential oils burning will also help to dispel the negative charge of the action of smoking. Oils that assist are *peppermint, cinnamon, sage, clary sage, juniper, lavender, pine, lemon, rosemary and vetiver*.

Of course, as I said, if you are balanced, centered and spiritually strong, you might not need to do any of these cleansings. When your auric fields are clear and full of integrity, you are naturally shielded and no negative or unwanted energies can permeate. But as I see it, most of us take daily showers to clean our physical bodies, so why not energetically cleanse off at the same time. All it will do is continue to strengthen our auric fields and keep our energetic integrity up. I feel visualizations like these are just good practice in spiritual health.