Rosewood is one of my favorite oils, in that it has so many wonderful psycho-spiritual properties as well as being a great therapeutic oil.  Similar in frequency to the supreme Rose, and yet not as heady and demanding, rosewood has its own subtle way of balancing and promoting well-being that is equal to rose, yet without the intensity.  It harmonizes with the new energies that are filtering through onto this planet and helps us awaken to ourselves.

Rosewood is steam distilled from the Aniba rosaeodora tree.  It’s sweet, kind of floral, kind of woody scent blends well with other essential oils.  Its therapeutic qualities are antidepressant, antibacterial, antiseptic, stimulating, deodorant, cephalic, and rejuvenative.

In supporting and stimulating the immune system, rosewood is a great oil to combat the effects of the common cold.  It relieves a rattly chest and quiets coughs.  It also can reduce fever and calm any fretful anxiety surrounding an illness.  So much of illness is stress related; the more pressure we feel we are under, the more acidic our systems become, the more vulnerable to disease we become.  Rosewood, with its calming nurturing effect, helps promote well-being, and thus strengthens our resistance to illness.   Rosewood also supports the nervous system by relieving headaches and soothing tensions.  Burned in an aroma lamp or gently massaged (in a carrier oil) onto the skin, rosewood has a delightful way of bringing back a sense of balance and harmony.  It centers the mind and emotions, so that worries and woes don’t seem so oppressive.  It can also settle the nervous stomach syndrome, when the tummy is tied in knots from stress.  Nervousness can sometimes affect the libido, and this sweet oil can bring about a quietude that breaks down barriers of self-criticism and allows more self-love and self-acceptance.  When we feel good about ourselves and are balanced, we don’t need others to boost our egos or pseudo-support us.  We can stand on our own, content to be living in our bodies, and allow others to love us for who we are.  Rosewood heals our inner doubts and fears.

Used in skin care, rosewood is a wonderful oil to balance and neutralize the pH of the skin.  It helps with acne, dermatitis, wrinkles and dry, scaly skin.  It is also assists in reducing scar tissue because of its regenerative properties.  Added to a moisturizer or cream, rosewood can bring an added dimension to a healthy, vital complexion.

Meditations, with rosewood essential oil burning in the background in an aroma lamp, can bring about a joyful and light experience.  Rosewood brings one into a deep part of self, but without the intensity and heaviness that some meditative oils seem to carry.  Why not access inner truths and enlightenment with ease and contentment?  Finding your inner Truth does not have to be a chore or a labor.  With rosewood it can be fun and still be fulfilling, deep and purposeful.  Sometime we tend to feel that the only path to spiritualism is through challenges and lessons.  Rosewood says forget it, let’s find it through play!

So why not take a break from the hard journey and travel instead with levity and delight.  And bring rosewood along on your journey to ensure a good time…