Margalob, Creative Commons

Rosemary oil is probably one of the most versatile and helpful essential oils to have around in your medicine cabinet or healing box, as rosemary is a superbly refreshing and invigorating oil.

Rosmarinus Officialis is part of the Labiate family whose members also include mint, basil, marjoram, sage, and thyme - all well-known ordinary culinary herbs with extraordinary healing capabilities. The best quality of rosemary essential oil comes from the Mediterranean Sea area, especially southern France where the main chemical component ‘verbenon’ is more concentrated.  But rosemary, as with most essential oils,  must be diluted with a carrier oil before applying to the skin or can cause minor skin irritations.

One of rosemary’s gifts to us is its ability to stimulate. This makes it an excellent oil to use for poor circulation, sluggish blood flow to the heart and organs and for scanty or irregular menstruation.  It also aids in detoxifying organs such as the liver, gall bladder and intestines, helping with infection, spasms and gall stones. When due to stagnation of fluids, arthritis and rheumatism can be soothed, although it is not recommended for hot inflamed arthritic conditions.  Because of increased blood flow, rosemary can also be used for cold feet, tired weak legs, sore fatigued muscles and congestion.

In skin care, this oil is added to shampoos to stimulate the scalp, aid in dandruff and bring a rich shine to dark hair. It is good for acne, eczema, greasy skin and hair.

Its refreshing quality makes it a wonderful oil to stimulate the senses.  Used in a bath this essence can wake you up and enliven you, so should only be used in the morning lest you lie awake and alert all night.  Rosemary stimulates the brain and nervous system and is great for mental clarity and memory.  It aids in hypertension, mental fatigue and headaches.  When you need to be focused and centered, like at exam time,  rosemary can be burned in an aromalamp and the smell will enhance mental processes. When clear thought is needed or detailed memorization is necessary, this oil will give you the ability to concentrate and retain facts. It also helps in quelling strong emotions during stressful fearful times.

In meditation rosemary will help ground and balance the psyche to keep you centered in your truth. Rosemary is the yang to Lavender’s yin. It stimulates the 6th chakra, encouraging intuition, power of vision and increased sensitivity to situations. It allows focus so spiritual answers are more readily available. Used in ritual since ancient Greece, sprigs of rosemary were burned to drive away evil spirits.  It is common practice now to plant rosemary at your front gate to keep negativity and unwanted energies at bay. Rosemary is truly and gift to us and can be used in gifts as a token of love, friendship and faithfulness.