Photo: JLPC / Wikimedia Commons

This month we are going to explore the beauty and sensuality of Rose Essential Oil, truly one of the most exquisite (and expensive) of all the oils. Throughout the ages it has been considered the Queen of essential oils because of its yin quality and its medicinal effects primarily on the woman’s endocrine system, aka ‘female complaints’.

The finest most expensive rose oil comes from Bulgaria. Rosa Damascena, or the damask rose is cultivated in a mountainous area 1,300 feet above sea-level in Bulgaria. This flower is also grown in parts of Tunisia and Morocco, but its quality is not as fine. Rosa Centifolia, or cabbage rose/rose de mal, is also considered a good essential oil and is produced in the southern part of France. It tends to be sweeter smelling, not as potent and used more in perfumes and potpourris. The expensive price tag on the oil reflects the quality and amount of blooms it takes to make it. To distill one pound of rose otto, 5,000 pounds of petals must be used. Or in other words, it takes over 30 roses to make one drop of essential oil! So, you can see why it has been one of the most treasured oils throughout history.

Rose has a deep harmonizing effect on the female reproductive organs. It is good for menstrual cramps, regulating menstruation and balancing the hormonal system. Its cleansing qualities help to strengthen the uterus and rid the womb of impurities. Rose is considered the oil of Venus and supports all women’s functions, including pregnancy.

Rose also can help men in that it is said to increase semen and aid in cases of sterility and impotence. Rose is considered to be an aphrodisiac, in that it soothes the nervous system, allowing more energy to be used creatively. When one is stressed or under pressure, nervous energy is dissipated and released without control. Rose helps to relax the body and free up the flow of energy to where it is needed. Its seductive aroma arouses the sensual centers or the “limbic system”: and stimulates hormonal secretions. It also has a beneficial psychological effect because when our emotions are out at balance, or when we are under incredible stress, we are more vulnerable to disease. Rose brings harmony and balance, purity and innocence.

Along with relaxation, rose also is very nurturing, especially when emotions are frayed or when there is sadness and grief. Because it works into the heart chakra, rose helps to dispel sorrow, pain and grieving. It is said to help at the time of death to open the doors to the other side and assist in passing, especially it there is intense fear. Rose offers a wisdom and sense or all-Knowing that soothes a terrified traveler.

On a more cosmetic level, rose is a great skin rejuvenator, and rose water, a by-product of the distillation has been used over the centuries as an antiseptic and astringent face cleanser. It contains farnesol, which is a bacteriostat, so can be used for acne and rashes. The external use of rose water reduces eye inflammation and helps in certain cases of conjunctivitis. It is great for maturing and sensitive skins as it restores the circulation to the capillaries on the surface of the skin.

Rose vibrates in the Key or C and stimulates the root/first chakra. It strengthens and promotes vitality in the sex organs and helps ground emotions. Rose has always Been seen as a sign or love and purity-- a symbol of perfection. Truly a worthy oil to have in one’s collection.