Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen, 1897 ( public domain)

Neroli came into fashion in the 17th century when the princess of Nerole, who loved the scent, used it in her baths, on her gloves and scented her stationary and her lace shawls with it. Soon everyone began following her example and it became all the rage. It is said that the oil was named for her in her honor.

Neroli is steam distilled from the citrus aurantium plant. The flowers must be handpicked because they are so delicate. It is one of the more expensive essential oils as it takes 1 ton of flowers to produce only 1 quart of essential oil.

Although Neroli has wonderful therapeutic qualities for the physical body, it really excels in efficacy for the emotional and psychological states.  Wonderful for tension and anxiety, this supreme oil helps to alleviate depression, anger, exhaustion, and shock-– all negative emotional states that require gentle sedating and calming. It can be burned in an aroma lamp to dissipate the nervous tension in a room, or used in a bath as a relaxing and calming addition to the day.  Neroli is the “Rescue Remedy” of the essential oils in that it can help with shock, palpitations, nervous anxiety, seemingly hopeless situations, deep gloom and grief. It calms anger, allowing relaxation and a new sense of hope. Neroli can bring joy into life.

On a spiritual level, Neroli aids in building a protective aura or shield around the inner being. So often we feel psychically attacked by the outside world, and Neroli can protect us against the dark negative feelings that creep in. It shines a light, reduces inner emptiness and restores a sense of self. Strength and courage come as gifts from Neroli.

On a physiological level, Neroli is a great skin rejuvenator. A little orange blossom water added to facial preparations can help with new cell growth, dry or sensitive skin and reparation of broken blood vessels and ‘spider veins’. For the heart, Neroli reduces spasm in smooth muscle, so can aid in regulating heart rhythm, calming nervous heart conditions and relieving cardiac spasms. Anxiety often increases heart palpitations, and because Neroli relieves anxiety, it also diminishes the amplitude of heart contraction, encouraging peace and tranquility through the body.  Likewise tension and nervousness can cause spasming of the intestine resulting in diarrhea. Neroli with its calming action can alleviate nervous tummy.

Considered one of the better aphrodisiacs, Neroli is really a ‘feel good’ oil. By reducing sexual tension, nervous apprehension from a need to perform, anxiety around sexual encounters, Neroli allows the inner being to enjoy a sensual feeling of self, a relaxed and comfortable self-awareness. It was originally included in traditional bridal wreaths, I dare say to help relax and prepare a nervous bride on her wedding night…

Burned in an oil burner for background atmosphere, used in a bath for soothing jangled nerves or scenting the bed in the evening for a night of sensual joy and then a good sleep, Neroli really is a supreme oil.