Aromatherapy and the Energetic Bodies

In a holistic model of reality, we as humans, are considered as not only a physical body. It is believed that we contain many energetic fields or aura bodies as well. These energetic bodies are usually our first line of defense when challenged by disease or trauma, as well as being first affected in joy and pleasure. In aromatherapy, the essential oils also have a vibrational quality to them. They, too, have energetic bodies, and it is on this energy frequency that the oils first affect us, long before the aroma enters the limbic system or the oils penetrate the skin. By introducing an essential oil into the energetic field of a client, that person’s aura will automatically begin to attune to the resonating frequency of the oil, either positively or adversely. So, in holistic aromatherapy, the therapist not only will consider the medicinal attributes of an essential oil, but also its vibrational frequency and thus will choose oils that will resonate with the client’s energy body as well as with their physical needs. In order to correlate the frequency of the oil to the vibration of the client, an understanding of the energetic bodies is necessary. Many books are written on the subject of the energy field and auras and I have given a short synopsis of some below in this article.

In subsequent articles I will take one chakra system each month and look at the characteristics of that chakra and then give oils that harmonize with each energy body. This month will just be an overview of the how the energy bodies and the chakra are as perceived by Diane Stein, Barbara Brennan and Caroline Myss.

In Diane Stein’s book, Essential Energy Balancing, she delineates the energy bodies as first the Etheric Double, which is located on the outer octave of the physical body. Then next is the Astral Body (Astral Twin), which is connected to the emotional body. The third layer is the Higher Self, which is found on the first Spiritual body. The next two levels are connected to the Causal body and comprised of the Essence Self and the Goddess Self. The last level connects us to the Source, Universal Light, or the God/Goddess. A fuller explanation can be found in her book, which I highly recommend.

Barbara Brennan, in her book Hands Of Light, has a little different interpretation of the layers of the energy field. She believes that each layer of the aura is connected to a particular chakra, or energy wheel. The first layer would correspond to the first chakra, the second to the second chakra, etc. She states that the first or base chakra is associated to the physical functioning and sensation. In this chakra, located at the base of the spine, we feel physical pain and pleasure. The second, located at the sacral level, is related to the emotional aspects, where we feel and express on an emotional level. The third chakra, the solar plexus, is associated with the mental, our internal ancient knowing, as well as linear thinking. The fourth tunes into the heart chakra, where we connect to love, both personal and unconditional. Chakra number five brings us to the throat and the level where we hold divine will. Here we speak our truth and take responsibility for our words. The sixth energy body is at the “Third Eye” or pituitary/pineal level and is concerned with celestial love and connection to higher levels of understanding, intuition, and acceptance. The seventh chakra, at the crown of the head, aligns us to the Source, and/or God in its many manifestations.

There is also a Soul Star chakra, about 12 to 18 inches above out head, which connects us to our star energy body and an Earth Star chakra about 12 to 18 inches below our base chakra which aligns us to the earth.

Caroline Myss also has written definitively on the different energy bodies in her book Anatomy of Spirit and there she charts which organs are associated to each chakra, the mental and emotional issues relates to each chakra and the physical dysfunctioning that can occur when these chakras are misaligned. I definitely recommend this book if you are unfamiliar with the chakra system. She describes it in an easily understandable way that speaks to the soul as well as the mind. In future articles, I will borrow from her writings as a base for my work.

The energetics of the human body are only now being recognized by the scientists and doctors, who for many years refused to see anything but the physical, solid 3-D body. There is still so much we don’t know, and only through study and divine guidance will we connect to the infinite levels of creation, including the realms of the plant kingdom and all the energetic possibilities that plants can bring to us to enrich our lives. Essential oils are alive and full of life-force, the very energy that helps to balance and create homeostasis in our beings.

To listen to a meditation on the chakras, click here