Archangel Invocation

Depending on your religious upbringing, this may or may not be of use to you. But many times, my clients have needed some kind of spiriutal protection, especially when they have felt challenged by negative energies. This is an invocation that can be used to set up protection, as well as create a safe haven for you to spiritually work in.

In the Christian trradition, Archangels have always had a protectorate role, so I thought I’d share this invocation that I learned from my mentor Janet, back in the late 1980’s, when I participated in a “long-distance” healing circle.  This can be said whenever you wish to ask for something - keeping in mind that, when making requests to the angelic realms, you want to hold the intention that it manifest only if it for your highest good and in your karmic path.

Archangel Invocation Ritual

I ask for the presence of the mighty Archangels and ask for their protection of my house and their guidance in my life.

To the east, I call in Raphael.  I visualize Raphael coming in on a warm breeze, in a cloak of gold, shot with purple.  I see him standing in the land of the rising sun and behind him in the distance are mountains covered in the dawn’s hues of purple and gold.

Raphael, mighty Archangel, unto whom is given the jurisdiction over all matters of healing, please ___________________(request).

In the east I honor the element of Air.

To the south I call in Michael.  I visualize Michael surrounded by the Living Flame, in a cloak of red shot with green, carrying a sword in his right hand.  I see him standing in the land of the mid-day sun, in the desert, with the sun beating down and the shimmer of heat haze all around him.

Michael, mighty Archangel, defender and keeper of the Gates of Eden, who doth wield thy fiery sword in the defense of all who are troubled by evil, please ____________________(request).

In the south I honor the element of Fire.

To the west I call in Gabriel.  I visualize Gabriel standing by a waterfall, in a cloak of blue shot with orange, carrying a chalice in his right hand.  I see him standing in the land of the setting sun and behind him in the distance is a beautiful crimson sky.  Gabriel, mighty Archangel, unto whom was given the joyous task of announcing the birth of our Lord, please ______________(request).

In the west I honor the element of Water.

To the north I call in Auriel.  I visualize Auriel standing in a plowed field, in a cloak of black shot with citrine, russet and olive, carrying a sickle in his right hand.  I see him standing in the land of the midnight sun, and the light of the moon gently lights the land of growth and creativity.

Auriel, mighty Archangel, whose wings are the shadow of death and rebirth, please ________________(request).

In the north I honor the element of Earth.

May these mighty Beings of Light guard, guide, cherish and protect me in this work that I do, and may they keep out all evil and unwanted influences from this place.  I ask that my requests be fulfilled if it is for my highest good and in my karmic path to do so.

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